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Step by Step Tutorial - diskette

This tutorial contains:

The situation

Something about the situation, if you have a pc with an floppy drive but without an hard drive. Then it is also possible to make a connection with Freesco to Mxstream. However this is not my situation, but i tested it and it works :)

How to begin

You have to start with 2 diskettes, 1 diskette contains Freesco and the other diskette contains the fspptp.tgz file. You can download the file here. Start Freesco in normal mode and wait for the user name & password and log in as root.

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Placing the fspptp.tgz file at the right place

Now is it necesarry to place thet fspptp.tgz file in right directory. Follow the next commands:

umount /dev/fd0 

Change the Freesco diskette with the diskette containing the fspptp.tgz file. Follow the next commands:

mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt

cd /mnt

cp * ..

cd ..

umount /dev/fd0 

Change the fspptp.tgz diskette with the Freesco diskette. Follow the next commands:

mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt

cp fspptp.tgz /mnt/router/fix/

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Configuring the rc_user file

The fspptp.tgz file is a zipped file containing 2 other files. The 2 other files donīt match the 8.3 file format. The diskette however does demand the 8.3 file format. Therefore it isnīt possible to extract the files in ms-windows and place them on the diskette. the only sollution is to extract het files in Freesco and place the files on the ram-drive (Freesco uses a ramdrive). The ram-drive doesnīt demand the 8.3 file format.

It is nessecary to extract the fspptp.tgz file during bootup, to make use of the 2 files. Follow the nest commands to make it so:

cd /rc

edit rc_user

Scroll downt to the bottom of the file until you see the next lines:

echo -n "Starting rc_user...                    "
# Add commands here you want to execute when booting. Use the fork
# command to launch programs which normally stay in the foreground.

Place the next lines in the file:

cd /bin

zcat </mnt/router/fix/fspptp.tgz | star

Close & save the file with F10. If everything went right then the 2 files should be extracted durring bootup. This can be checked ofcouse. Reboot your pc an check if the files: pptp and pptp_callmgr in your /bin directory are.

Hopefully everything went right and the files are in your /bin directory. Now follow the previous page for nessasary setting to make a connection to Mxstream, good luck!.

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Mark Bleeker